Key Questions:


How has theatre as an institution been failing?


What does theatre look like in this moment of a global pandemic?


What do we want for the future of theatre and how can we reimagine it outside of white supremacy and capitalism? 

The Reclamation Project aims to address past harm in theatrical institutions, give space for healing in this moment, and imagine a path forward by centering the voices and needs of Black artists, Indigenous artists, artists of color, LGBTQIA+ artists, and disabled artists. The Reclamation Project in no way seeks to absolve these theaters, instead it aims to reclaim the space for these communities so they can re-enter these spaces in power and fullness.

What We Do

We are creating five day residencies with theatres in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia area that give 3 artists and a dramaturg the opportunity to heal and reclaim physical spaces. Due to COVID and current social distancing standards we are limited to the number of artists that can be physically present, however, we accept testimonials and submissions from anyone who is interested in sharing something as a part of our residency. The work is shared with the public via a livestream which shows the entire process of creation: setup, conversations, rehearsals, performance, and strike. Each day of the project highlights one artist's response culminating in a multidisciplinary performance and a ritual of restoration.

Core Artists

Dylan Arredondo

Agyeiwaa Asante

Florence Babatunde

Katie Ciszek

Ian Anthony Coleman

Sabina Jafri

Vanessa Losada

Christopher Michael Richardson

Natalie Ann Valentine